When Building Your Next Home - Why BEECON?

The one biggest item most people will buy in their life is their home. Some buy land and build, or some purchase an existing house with the plan to renovate.

You cannot be expected to know how the building process works, and you shouldn't be expected to!

While it is becoming more common for people to move homes in their adult life, only a small percentage of people will go through the purchase-build-sell process more than once or twice - possibly with many years between.

Enter... BEECON...

BEECON was born from the need for knowledge, the need for advocacy and the need for better outcomes for all involved in the process. There are huge savings to be made from applying experience and knowledge to the building process. BEECON can save you time, stress, confusion and money! Thousands of dollars can be wiped off total costs, just by planning and executing more efficiently than the majority.

We can make certain you get your project right the first time, by giving you the strategies and methods to make everything go as smoothly as possible. Rather than us over-promising and under-delivering, we'll keep you informed and be there to talk you through.

If you want to know more, or have a topic you'd like to read more about... send me a direct email by clicking here.

- JA

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