The Blame Game - Take Note Employers!

I’ve been on countless building sites where something hasn’t been completed on time, correctly or has ultimately failed. When questioned by a client the contractor or sub-contractor exclaims ‘bloody apprentice’ or ‘it’s hard to get good help’... something along these lines... instantly pushing the blame onto staff without seeing the bigger picture. As the employee or head contractor, YOU are responsible for your staff. You hire them, you train them and it’s your job to set the expectations with them. If you set your expectations and give them the training required, the amount of issues will reduce dramatically, you will have more time to focus on the important tasks in your day. We are all human and DO make mistakes, but as the employee YOU are responsible for providing the information and tools to minimise this. Blaming your staff for mistakes that could be avoided with the right training is poor practice. Train them Empower them Watch them grow WATCH YOUR BUSINESS THRIVE

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- JA