The Trap - Subcontractors Beware...


I've met hundreds of sub-contractors in my time in the construction industry, and I'm near certain I could count on my left hand how many have not had cash flow issues at some stage... sound familiar?

It's an amazing world we live in - You slog it out for 4 or so years to finish your trade, then you're let loose on the world of sub-contracting. In Australia it takes only 15 minutes to apply for an ABN and open a new bank account to start trading. There's just one problem... You may be the best chippy, plumber, sparky or plasterer in town, but during your apprenticeship you didn't do one day of business training!

As soon as you start working as a sub-contractor, you're running a business. No matter how small (...or large), if you don't get help from someone who knows your industry, you'll most likely find yourself struggling to pay the bills at some stage down the track...

The good news is... This can be avoided! You just need to put in place some simple planning, then set some basic goals and boundaries. No matter if you're a one man band, or running a whole crew, the same methodology applies.

The key is knowing how to efficiently;

- Get the work;

- Get work done;

and most importantly...


Efficiently = As quickly as possible, as well as possible and with as little effort as possible!

By setting expectations for yourself, your clients and/or head contractors, then managing them properly - you can have a thriving business that is highly protected from the horrific issues that bad cash flow causes.

I've personally seen the highs and lows of the construction industry. This makes me very passionate about making certain no one see's the lows undeservedly.

When I help you look at your business from the outside, and break it down into small logical pieces, you will be amazed how easy it is to keep on top of everything.

Less costs, more profit.

That's why you're here right?

Email me today so I can simplify you're business life and you can get back to enjoying being the best at what you already know!

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- JA