Give your staff the power they deserve!

Raising staff delegation levels can boost their confidence and productivity. Also freeing up your time to concentrate on your high value tasks.

Staff that have a prescribed set of guidelines and procedures to work within are able to handle higher levels of responsibility. They are aware of how, and to what level, they are expected to perform. Given these expectations, they can be trusted with higher level decisions without consulting more senior staff.

A viable method for implementing and gaining trust of this strategy would be to choose one department, or staff member (depending of the size of your organisation) who consistently consult higher level staff for assistance making low risk decisions regarding the same issue or topic.

When implementing, in order to minimise risk, there does need to be an agreed upper limiter for authority, this may need to be tested initially and slowly increased until an acceptable benefit versus risk level is reached. This technique prevents spending time assisting staff with smaller decisions that have less risk associated with a negative outcome.

The results of this will be welcomed on two levels: 1. The significant amount of time gained not dealing with smaller issues personally and; 2. The very low percentage of resultant issues that arise from raising decision making thresholds of your staff.

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- JA